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The Kemeny Lectures
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A brief history of John G. Kemeny.

2024 Anne Schilling May 15: How to get to the moon playing the 15 puzzle
May 16: The ubiquity of crystal bases
May 17: From quasi-symmetric to Schur expansions via the inverse quasi-Kostka matrix
2023 Alex Lubotzky April 17: New directions in error correcting codes
April 18: High dimensional expanders: From Ramanujan graphs to Ramanujan complexes
April 19: Group approximation, stability, and high dimensional expanders
2022 Anna Gilbert CANCELED
May 4: Combinatorial group testing designs and algorithms: pooled testing for biological applications
May 5: Sparse Fourier Transform: really fast Fourier transform
May 6: Metric representations: Algorithms and Geometry
2020 Nigel Higson September 28: Topology and Spectrum  video WebM
September 29: Integral Equations from Hilbert and Weyl to Connes and Beyond  video WebM
September 30: A Counterfactual History of the Hypoelliptic Laplacian  video WebM
2020 Richard Schwartz May 18: Doing Geometry with Graphical User Interfaces  video WebM
May 19: Polygonal outer billiards  video WebM
May 20: The Spheres of Sol  video WebM
2019 Ingrid Daubechies May 28: Surfing with Wavelets
May 28: Mathematicians Helping Art Conservators and Art Historians
May 29: Lovely Bones: a meeting of mathematical and biological minds
2018 Martin Nowak April 18: Natural Cooperation  video WebM
April 19: Evolutionary Dynamics  video WebM
April 20: Hamilton's Rule Makes No Prediction and Cannot Be Tested Empirically video WebM
2017 Toshiyuki Kobayashi May 3: "Universal sounds" of anti-de Sitter manifolds
May 4: Local to global — geometry of symmetric spaces with indefinite-metric.
May 5: Analysis on locally pseudo-Riemannian symmetric spaces
2016 Melanie Matchett Wood April 27: Random groups in number theory and universality
April 27: The Chemistry of Primes
April 28: Nonabelian Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics and Function Field Theorems
2015 Yakov Eliashberg May 5: What is the h–principle?  video WebM
May 6: Symplectic topology: from Poincare to Arnold and Gromov, and beyond
May 7: Recent advances in symplectic flexibility
2014 Hendrik Lenstra April 16: Escher and the Droste effect  video WebM
April 17: Sums of digits and divisibility
April 18: Missing values of polynomial maps over finite fields
2013 Jesus De Loera March 26: The Convex Geometry of Tables and Arrays
March 28: Algebraic and Geometric ideas in the theory of linear optimization
March 28: My Favorite Open Problems about Polyhedra
2012 Bernd Sturmfels May 1: Tropical Mathematics
May 2: Convex Algebraic Geometry
May 3: The Central Curve in Linear Programming
2011 Vaughan Jones April 11: The Onset of Wildness
April 11: Flatland, a great place to do algebra video QuickTime, WebM
April 12: Random matrices, von Neumann algebras and (2+1)-dimensional topological quantum field theories
2010 Persi Diaconis February 22: The Search For Randomness
February 23: Adding Numbers, Shuffling Cards and an Amazing Matrix
February 24: On Adding a List of Numbers (and other one dependent determinantal processes)
2009 Georgia Benkart April 21: Representations of Groups of Matrices - Yeah Schur
April 22: Determinants in Wonderland. video RealMedia
April 23: Travels to Hyperbolic Space Starting from an sl(2) Base
2008 Daniel Goldston April 23: Primes and Twin Primes. video QuickTime, WebM
April 24: Small Gaps Between Primes
April 24: Problems Related to Primes
2007 Richard Stanley May 3: Increasing and decreasing subsequences
May 3: A Survey of Plane Tilings. video RealMedia
May 4: Alternating permutations
2006 Alan Weinstein April 27: Groupoids as generalized equivalence relations
April 27: Symmetry groupoids of crystals and networks video QuickTime, WebM
April 28: The structure of proper groupoids
2005 Andrew Granville April 21: An introduction to additive combinatorics
April 21: Prime Number Races
April 22: Pretentious characters and the Polya-Vinogradov theorem
2004 Paul Baum April 14: Mathematical Impossibilities
April 15: The Dirac Operator
April 16: K-theory for Group C*-Algebras
2003 Robert Bryant May 12: Geometry Old and New: From Euclid to String Theory
May 13: New Zoll metrics on the 2-sphere
May 15: Finsler metrics of constant flag curvature
2001 John Roe April 30: The Art Of Coarse Mathematics
May 1: Homology Via Coarse Geometry
May 2: On Being Amenable
2000 Andrew Odlyzko May 1: Primes: What we do and don't know. video RealMedia
May 2: Zeros of the Riemann zeta function: Conjectures and computations
May 3: Polynomials with restricted coefficients: results and open problems. video RealMedia
1999 Jeffrey Weeks May 5: The Shape of Space. video RealMedia
May 6: Curvature and the Universe. video RealMedia
May 7: Topological Questions in Cosmology. video RealMedia
1998 Shiing-Shen Chern  
1997 Harold Stark April 30: A Non-Euclidean Big Bang
May 1: L-functions and Class Fields
May 2: Zeta Functions of Graphs and Quadratic Covers
1996 Peter Sarnak April 23: The distribution of prime numbers
April 24: The spectral nature of the zeros of zeta functions
April 25: Spectra of Riemannian manifolds
1995 David Griffeath April 19: Cellular Automata as Toy Universes
April 20: The Mathematics of Excitable Cellular Automata
April 21: The Mathematics of Threshold Growth