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Undergraduate Poster Sessions
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First Place
Analyzing Impact of Twitter Sentiment on Stock Market Dynamics Using Spectral Clustering and Deep Learning
Rahul Gupta ’26, Vagmin Viswanathan ’26
Rock Paper Lizards: Modeling Male Mating Strategies in Uta Stansburiana
Tristan Wells ’25, Sam Orientale ’25, Alec Kong ’23, Eric Strawn ’25
First Place, Solo Poster
Translating Neurophysiological Recordings into Dynamic Estimates of Conceptual Knowledge and Learning
Daniel Carstensen ’24
Second Place
Assessing the Effects of AI on the Job Industry using Evolutionary Game Theory
Meghan O'Keefe ’24, Stephanie Lee ’24, Annabel Gerber ’24, Julia Binder ’24
Catantics: Understanding the Strategic Mysteries of Settlers of Catan
Mary Bocock ’27, Emma Elsbecker ’24, O’Connell ’23, Jose Salina ’25
Relative Importance of Basic Strategy in Othello
Ben Shaman ’26, Agastya Nashier ’26, Josh Lee ’26, Sumant Sharma ’26


First Place, Applied Mathematics
Game of Hearts
Conner Boehm ’24, Isaiah Bradner ’26, Catherine Chu ’26, Annie Tang ’25, Wade Williams ’24, Geoffrey Yang ’25
Second Place, Applied Mathematics
A Game Theoretic Model of Jazz Improvisation
Sourjyamoy Barman ’26, Joshua Piesner ’26, Vedant Tapiavala ’26
Third Place, Applied Mathematics
Evolutionary Game Theory Analysis of Asset and Loan Diversification in the Banking System
Zimehr Abbasi ’23, Min Hur ’24, Austin Hyun ’23, Tate McDowell ’23, Jessica Wang ’23, Ryan Xu ’23
Fourth Place, Applied Mathematics
Evolutionary Behavioral Dynamics in Ecological Grid-Worlds
Richard W. Dionne ’19
First Place, Pure Mathematics
The Chromatic Symmetric Function in the Star Basis
Mario Tomba Morillo ’25
Second Place, Pure Mathematics
Mathematics in Magic: Looking into the Magic of Universal Cycles
Sofia Goncalves ’25


Due to COVID-19 restrictions we were unable to host an in-person poster session in recent years. However, in 2020 we were pleased to share the team project presentations from Math 70, Elements of Multivariate Statistics and Statistical Learning, taught by Professor Eugene Demidenko this spring. Data scientists are among the most in-demand technical jobs, and Dartmouth offers a Mathematical Data Science major with Math 70 as the culminating course. The course combines theoretical mathematics empowered by proficient programming in R for solving real-life problems, such as the analysis of COVID-19 dynamics and its prediction, and prepares students for a career in data analysis and statistical problem solutions.

Team projects from Math 70

Optimal Portfolio Allocation
Osman Khan, Tudor Muntianu, Joe Gyorda, Sri Yenamandra, Oliver Levy
Benford’s Law
Tanli Su, Sophie Wang, Saunak Badam, Aaron Lee, Alexander (Sasha) Kokoshinskiy
COVID-19 Data Analysis & Prediction
Clayton Bass, Thomas Brown, Kayshav Prakash, Bruce Zou, Allison Tong


View gallery of 2019 posters

First Place, Applied Mathematics
For Whom the Bell Tolls: Modeling Wind Chimes with the Classical Wave Equation
Louisa Gao ’22, Matthew Sawicki ’20
Second Place, Applied Mathematics
Modeling Spillovers of Emerging Infectious Diseases with Intermediate Hosts
Katherine Royce ’19
Third Place, Applied Mathematics
Varying Measles Vaccination Rates in a Theoretical Prison Population
Addison Green, Erika Hernandez, Kenna Vansteyn
First Place, Pure Mathematics
Continued Fractions and abc-Triples
Ethan Goldman
Second Place, Pure Mathematics
$\alpha\beta\gamma$ Conjecture for Gaussian Integers
Jared Hodes, Liam Morris, Tanish Raghavan, May Fahrenthold, Dylan Burke


View gallery of 2018 posters

First Place, Applied Mathematics
Exploring Health Policies to Prevent Another SARS Outbreak in Hong Kong
Ray Guo, Matthew Yung, Hailey Jiang, Eva Wang
Second Place, Applied Mathematics
Spread of the Renaissance through Publication Networks
Brian Chekal, Jason Cheal
Third Place, Applied Mathematics
Sentiment-Based Prediction of Alternative Cryptocurrency Price Fluctuations Using a Gradient Boosting Tree Mode
Anup Chamrajnagar, Xander Fong, Tianyu “Ray” Li, Nick Rizik
First Place, Pure Mathematics
Embedding the Complete Bipartite Graph
Jacob Marchman


First Place, Applied Mathematics
A Model for Self-Sustaining Litopenaeus Vannamei Farm Alternatives
Anup Chamrajnagar, Jason Cheal, John Glance, Xander Fong
Second Place, Applied Mathematics
Mathematical Modeling of Cancer Growth
Yixuan He
Third Place, Applied Mathematics
Modeling Solid Fuel Rocket Launch and Orbit
Jon Chu, Annika Roise, Ethan Isaacson
First Place, Pure Mathematics
Lying on the Fermat Primality Test
Jared Duker Lichtman


First Place, Applied Mathematics
Analyzing in vitro Monolayer and 3-D Spheroid Culture Response of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Line H358 to Bortezomib Drug Treatment
Yixuan He
Shared Second Place, Applied Mathematics
Rumor Spreading in Social Networks
Ke Li, Min Hyung Kang, Qi Wei
Shared Second Place, Applied Mathematics
Antibiotics: Pharmaceutical Incentives in Monopoly
Ryan Schiller, Daniel Salas
First Place, Pure Mathematics
Hemipolyhedra and their connection to $\boldsymbol{RP} ^{2}$ and the torus
Julio Resendiz
Second Place, Pure Mathematics
The Plastic Number and Padovan Cuboid Spiral
Helena Caswell


First Place, Applied Mathematics
Transmission of Bubonic Plague along the Via Francigena in the 14th Century
Christine Lu, Mary Rogers, Anita Kodali
Second Place, Applied Mathematics
Universal Voluntary Testing and Antiretroviral therapy: A Comparison of 2 HIV Models
Jennifer Jin, Eileen Jin
First Place, Pure Mathematics
Transplantation of Eigenfunctions on Isospectal Domians
Feynman Liang
Second Place, Pure Mathematics
The Complement of the Figure 8 Knot in the 3-Sphere
Molly McBride


First Place, Applied Mathematics
Michelle Chen, Paula Chen, Milan Huynh, Evan Rheingold, Ann Dnham
Shared Second Place, Applied Mathematics
Ivan Antoniv
Shared Second Place, Applied Mathematics
Andi Leibowitz, Emily Hoffman
First Place, Pure Mathematics
Annie Laurie Mauhs-Pugh
Shared Second Place, Pure Mathematics
Hanh Nguyen
Shared Second Place, Pure Mathematics
Adenrele Adewusi
Shared Second Place, Pure Mathematics
Ethan Thomas


First Place
The Fractal Nature of Schottky Groups
John Conley
Second Place
Construction of the Flag of Nepal in the Conjugate Coordinate System using Mathematica
Pawan Dhakal
Third Place
Interval Vector Polytopes
Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins


First Place
Boundary Methods for Variable Coefficient Helmholtz Boundary Value
Brad Nelson
Second Place
Reading with new eyes: Single word network analysis of the representation of biofuels in contemporary media
Anna Morenz
Third Place
The Spectral Structure of the Credit Default Swap Market
Philip Winsor
Winning posters for Brad Nelson (first place), Anna Morenz (second), and Philip Winsor (third)


Special poster session:

2010 Mathematical Biology Student Poster Session