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Essay Contest
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Interview a woman whose career uses mathematics and write a bibliographic essay.

Contest deadline: Feb 1, 2024

Categories of eligible contestants:
  • Middle school students in the Upper Connecticut River Valley
  • High school students in the Upper Connecticut River Valley
  • Dartmouth College undergraduates

PRIZES: The Dartmouth Mathematics Department will award a first prize of an iPad in each category. Additional prizes dependent on quantity and quality of essays.

Choosing a woman to write about: You may want to choose someone you know, such as a mathematics teacher. Alternatively, click on this link to request information about women mathematicians, physicists and engineers in the Upper Valley who have expressed a willingness to be interviewed. To increase the chance of availability, we encourage you to contact the interviewee early. The list may be updated from time to time. Interviews this year will typically be carried out remotely rather than in person.

This contest is modeled on the national AWM Essay Contest. We are following the same CONTEST RULES so you may submit your essay to both contests. In particular, essays should be approximately 500–1000 words in length. As indicated in the national contest rules, a small number of women, listed here, are ineligible to be interviewed, because they have been the subject of a recent winning national essay. For our local contest, you may interview anyone that is eligible to be interviewed for the national contest, even if the interviewee has been the subject of an essay that won a previous prize in our local contest.

Click here to submit your essay to the local contest.

Click here to submit your essay to the national contest.

Important note: Our regional contest, sponsored by the Dartmouth Mathematics Department, has a submission process different from the national one. To enter both contests, you need to submit your essay to each.

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