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Course Offerings
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SPRING 2020: Course information — constantly updated, with links to Canvas and Zoom meetings. Please log in with your Dartmouth credentials.

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Course Course Name Class Time Instructor
Math 4Applications of Calculus to Medicine and Biology(10A) TTh 10:10 - 12:00Dorothy I. Wallace
Math 7First-Year Seminar in Mathematics(10A) TTh 10:10 - 12:00Andrea Kremer
Math 8Calculus of Functions of one and Several Variables(2) MWF 2:10 - 3:15Samuel Lin
Math 8Calculus of Functions of one and Several Variables(10) MWF 10:10 - 11:15Victor Churchill
Math 10Introductory Statistics(11) MWF 11:30 - 12:35Bjoern Muetzel
Math 10Introductory Statistics(10A) TTh 10:10 - 12:00Erik van Erp
Math 13Calculus of Vector-valued Functions(12) MWF 12:50 - 1:55David L. Webb
Math 13Calculus of Vector-valued Functions(10) MWF 10:10 - 11:15Warren M. Lord
Math 17An Introduction to Mathematics Beyond Calculus(2) MWF 2:10 - 3:15Samantha G. Allen
Math 20Probability(11) MWF 11:30 - 12:35Erik D Slivken
Math 22Linear Algebra with Applications(11) MWF 11:30 - 12:35Carl I Mautner
Math 22Linear Algebra with Applications(2) MWF 2:10 - 3:15Rosa C. Orellana
Math 22Linear Algebra with Applications(10) MWF 10:10 - 11:15Rosa C. Orellana
Math 23Differential Equations(12) MWF 12:50 - 1:55Yoonsang Lee
Math 23Differential Equations(11) MWF 11:30 - 12:35Yitong Huang
Math 24Linear Algebra(11) MWF 11:30 - 12:35Samuel Lin
Math 27Advanced Calculus and Dynamics in Biology and Medicine(10A) TTh 10:10 - 12:00Dorothy I. Wallace
Math 30Evolutionary Game Theory and Applications(10A) TTh 10:10 - 12:00Feng Fu
Math 38Graph Theory(12) MWF 12:50 - 1:55Nadia Lafreniere
Math 43Functions of a Complex Variable(10) MWF 10:10 - 11:15Dana P. Williams
Math 46Introduction to Applied Mathematics(10) MWF 10:10 - 11:15Jan Glaubitz
Math 56Computational and Experimental Mathematics(9L) MWF 8:50 - 9:55Anne Gelb
Math 60Probability (Honors Section)(11) MWF 11:30 - 12:35Martin Tassy
Math 66Mathematical Topics in Modern Physics(2) MWF 2:10 - 3:15John D. Trout
Math 70Elements of Multivariable Statistics and Statistical Learning (12) MWF 12:50 - 1:55Eugene Demidenko
Math 74Algebraic Topology(12) MWF 12:50 - 1:55Vladimir Chernov
Math 75Applied Topics in Number Theory and Algebra(11) MWF 11:30 - 12:35Asher Auel
Math 87Reading Course(Arr) To be arranged Staff
Math 102Topics in Geometry(2) MWF 2:10 - 3:15Carolyn S. Gordon
Math 106Topics in Applied Mathematics(9L) MWF 8:50 - 9:55Feng Fu
Math 113Analysis(11) MWF 11:30 - 12:35John D. Trout
Math 114Algebraic Topology(12) MWF 12:50 - 1:55Vladimir Chernov
Math 136Applied Mathematics II(10) MWF 10:10 - 11:15Jan Glaubitz
Math 147Teaching Seminar(10A) TTh 10:10 - 12:00Mitsou Kobayashi