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Dartmouth Cloud Storage Comparison
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Cloud storage services listed below are for sharing selected folders of files across your own devices or with colleagues. They are not intended for backups.

Nextcloud at Mathematics Department Dropbox for Dartmouth College Google Drive, part of G Suite for Dartmouth
Web browser access
Login gauss username.
Any independent account can also be created.
Available storage Currently about 2TB. Depends on storage we buy, attach. ? ?
Client software (cloud storage accessed as local folder):
Linux Yes Yes Yes (desktop file-manager extensions)
macOS Yes Yes Yes
Windows Yes Yes Yes
Mobile apps:
Android Yes Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes Yes
link via email Yes. No login required, optional password. Yes, but requires a Dropbox account. Yes, but requires a Dartmouth G Suite account.
link via email with file upload capability Yes. No login required, optional password. No No
with existing users Yes Yes Yes
with groups Yes Yes Google Groups for Business?
Deleted files Yes Yes Yes
File versions Yes Yes Yes