Previous Discrete Math Days Meetings

  • Middlebury College in Vermont on September, 15 2012
    Organized by John Schmitt

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the April 2013 -
    Organized by Elizabeth Donovan (Bristol CC), Rhonda Podell (WPI), Brigitte Servatius (WPI), William Martin (WPI).

  • Wesleyan University in Connecticut on October 5, 2013
    Organized by Karen Collins (Wesleyan) and Megan Heenehan (Eastern Connecticut State University).

  • Dartmouth College in New Hampshire on April 12, 2014
    Organized by Zajj Daugherty, Sergi Elizalde, Rosa Orellana and Peter Winkler

  • Meetings from 2004-2011 are listed in a webpage maintained by Karen Collins.

  • Discrete Math Days in the Northeast is funded by NSA.

    This page is maintained by Rosa Orellana.

    Middlebury, Sept. 15, 2012