Phyton will be the programming language for the course. No prior knowledge of Python is expected.

Why Python?

Python is among the most popular high level programming languages, its application areas are wide and extensive and includes scientific and numerical computation. It has a large community of developers and contributors, hence it is very well supported. In recent years it has gained popularity among data scientists with the inclusion of highly capable statistics and data analysis toolboxes.

How to install it?

Student are highly recommended to install Anconda Python distribution , it is free and very easy to install on most computers. It comes with all the packages we will need during this course. Another way to install Python and all the required packages is to install Canopy Express (free Enthought Python Distribution). Students with no prior exposure to Python are discouraged to attempt manual installation of Python or its packages, instead should install either Anconda Python distribution or Canopy Express (free Enthought Python Distribution). Students that encounter problems installing Python, should contact the Instructor.

Python Resources

Network Analysis in Python

Network Visualization

Visualization is a critical component of network analysis. Some of the popular tools used for network visualization are listed below.