Welcome to Math 19, Introduction to Set Theory.

There are no prerequisites for this course, other than a willingness to learn, and in particular, to learn how to write proofs. I do not expect you to be an expert proof writer at the beginning of the class.

Prof. Groszek's office hours are Monday 2:30-4:30, Thursday 1:20-3:20, Thursday 6:00-8:00, and by appointment. You may drop by anytime during scheduled office hours. However, during the second hour on Monday (3:30-4:30) and the first hour on Thursday (1:20-2:20), Math 8 students have priority. On the other hand, the evening hours on Thursday are only for Math 19, reading course, or independent study students.

Here is a
tentative syllabus, and here is a
tentative schedule.

Here is some
information about homework.

Here is the
handout on proofs that was distributed during the first x-hour. (Note, I do not plan to use every x-hour, but we are using the first two x-hours to work on proofs, and the third x-hour to make up for not meeting on MLK Day.)

Here is the current list of
assignments. This will be updated periodically.

Marcia Groszek
Last updated January 13, 2020