The following is a tentative syllabus for the course. This page will be updated irregularly. On the other hand, the weekly syllabus contained in the Homework assignments page will always be accurate.

WeekLecturesSections in TextTopics
19/12Chap.1Presentation of the course
9/14Chap.2Composition laws
9/21Chap.5,6Generators, functions
39/26 Cayley graphs I
9/28Chap.12Equivalence relations
9/30Quiz 1Exam practice session
410/3Chap.10 Order of group elements
10/5Chap.11Cyclic groups
10/6Midterm IMidterm Exam I
10/7Chap.7,8Groups of permutations
510/10Chap.8,13 Cayley's theorem, cosets
10/111:20-2:10 pm in KH 108Homework session
10/14Quiz 2Practice session
610/17Chap.15 Quotient groups
10/19Chap.16Homomorphism theorem
10/21 Cayley graphs II
710/24Graph morphisms
10/25Quiz 3 Exam practice session
10/26Automorphism groups
10/27Midterm IIMidterm Exam II
810/31Chap.17 Rings, Review: Groups
11/11:20-2:10 pm in KH 108Homework session
11/2Chap.18Ideals and homomorphisms
11/4Chap.19Quotient rings
911/7Chap.19Special ideals and quotients
11/81:20-2:10 pm in KH 108Solving the cube (practice)
11/9Chap.20Integral domains
1011/14Quiz 4 Review: Rings
11/151:20-2:10 pm in KH 108Exam: Solving the cube
11/174 pm in KH 318Essay about the cube