The weekly written homework assignments will be posted here.

  • Written homework will be collected Wednesdays. It should be turned in to the homework boxes
    outside of KH 108 by 3 pm on the due date.
  • Make sure that you show all your work and explain all the steps. A correct answer with no work shown will receive minimal credit. This is good practice for what will be expected on exams.
  • Use standard-sized paper that does not have ragged edges from being torn out of a spiral notebook and make sure your homework is neatly written.

Homework Assignments

1 Homework 1 Ch.2:A3,B2,D, Ch.3:A4,B2, Ch.4:A5,B1-3
2 Ch.4:G1,2,4, Ch.5:D3,6,8, Ch.6:B4,5, C1,4,5 Ch.5:C2-5, E4-7, Ch.6:A1-4, E1-3, Ch.9:E3-5
3 Homework 3 Ch.9:A, E1,2,6, Ch.10:A, B1,2,4-6, Ch.12:B6-10, C1-4, D1,2,5
4 Ch.7:C1, Ch.10:C3-6, D1-3, Ch.11:A3,5,6, B2-4 Ch.7:A, B1-3, Ch.10:D5,6, F1,2, Ch.11:B5,6, D1-3
5 Ch.8:A2a),b), Ch.13:B2,4,5, C1,2, D3, Ch.14:B,2,4,5
Ch.8:A1a)-c), B1, E1, Ch.13:A1-3, D1,2 Ch.14:C1-3
6 Homework 6 Ch.14:D2-4, E1, Ch.15:A1,2,5, C1-3, D1,2, Ch.16:B
7 Homework 7 Ch.16:C,D, Ch.17:B. Draw a few simple graphs and find their automorphism groups.
8 Ch.17:G1,2,3,5, I1-4, J1-3, Ch.18:A1, D1,2,4, E1 Ch.18:A2,6, B1,5,6, C5-7, Ch.19:C1-3
9 Ch.19:E1,2,4,5, F1-3, Ch.20:B1-4, D3,2 Ch.19:D1-3, G1,2, Ch.20:A, C, E1-3