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In this lecture we discuss modeling with differential equations, the unifying concept of lectures 17–20. We also take a first look at a class of differential equations called "separable."

Quick Question

What function Q satisfies the differential equation dQ/dt = et?



Outlines for Modeling with Differential Equations


Modeling with Differential Equations; Separable Differential Equations: First Look

Today's Homework

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Modeling with Differential Equations Quiz


  • Click to see the exampleMatch three equations with the differential equations they satisfy
  • Click to see the exampleMatch four differential equations with their slope fields
  • Click to see the exampleSolve the differential equation dy/dx = y/x2 by separation of variables. Use the initial condition f(−1/3) = e to solve for the unique solution.


  • Click to see the appletSlope Field


  • click to see the videoWhat is a differential equation?
  • click to see the videoThe differential equation: y′ = 2x + 2

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