Math 50 - Fall 2017

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Here are the in-class final exam solutions and an R-Notebook that contains examples used in some of questions.

11 Nov 2017.
You will receive the take home part of the final exam today on this page. It is due this Friday (before the in-class exam).  
Take home part has to be done individually, please don't discuss your solutions with your classmates. The in-class part of the exam will be all-inclusive. You can bring your books and notes if you want. However, no electronic devices will be allowed. 
There will be a review on Monday.  My office hours next week will be :
Monday 1pm-2pm
Tuesday 1pm-2pm
Wednesday 1pm-2pm will be holding extra office hours tomorrow (Thursday) between 4-5pm.

8 Nov 2017.  I will be holding extra office hours tomorrow (Thursday) between 4-5pm.

6 Nov 2017.  The final exam is on Friday, Nov 17, 2017  at  8:00 AM  at  Kemeny 006. Note the location and the time of the exam.  The last homework is submitted, it is a short one and will be out of 50 instead of 100.

1 Nov 2017.  Check the recently uploaded boxcox.R file for a sample code that calculates Box-Cox method. Note that, in the sample code, the approximate intervals are plotted only, so you need to check the CI visually.

30 Oct 2017.  Note the unusual deadline for this week's homework assignment: it is due next Monday Nov 06.

18 Oct 2017.  A clarification for question 3 part (g)  of Homework-4 :  you should choose the two regressors with the two lowest t-statistic values in absolute value. These two values are the ones closest to zero, so we expect those two regressors to be the least significant ones (looking only to the individual tests).

17 Oct 2017.  The midterm solutions are uploaded. Both mean and the median was 40.  Note that 4th homework assignment is due this Friday.

10 Oct 2017.  The practice questions we did today is now available in the downloads section. You can bring a 2-sided handwritten notes to the exam on Friday,  you can bring a calculator also if you prefer (see sample questions in worksheet). I will be holding extra office hours on 12-Oct Thursday between 4:15-5:15pm.

30 Sep 2017.  You can access HW3 from the downloads section on the right. For 3D plotting I supplied an example that you will need (see the provided Rmd file). You can use other libraries for plotting and visual presentations (see below note).
NOTE: Since almost everyone are now using R-notebooks, for the computation part of the homework assignments submit  the generated html file instead of the Rmd file.  For the written part, as before, you can either type into your R notebook or submit a separate pdf file (submit at most 2 files).

22 Sep 2017.  Here is the second homework due next Friday.  Next Tuesday there will be another group study  session in the X-hour. Bring your computer if you want to work on R assignment.
[Update: There is a template for the homework in the below link (which is the R-Notebook that generated the HW2 output you see above). Download that notebook (an Rmd file) and open it with RStudio.
The green font colored comments will show you both the parts you will enter your written answers and the parts for the computations. Download HW2 Notebook ]

21 Sep 2017.  You can use canvas to submit your homework. Submit only one pdf file for written assignments and one R file for computations per HW  (unless otherwise instructed in the assignment).

15 Sep 2017.  In our R / RStudio introduction session we will go over the following R basics tutorial.
[Update: The first homework is uploaded and due Sep-22 beginning of the class. I will give more information about how to submit it next week. Next Tuesday I will be doing a group study / R session during our X-hour. You can bring your computers and questions about the HW. It is at our classroom on Tuesday between 12:15 - 1:05pm. ]

14 Sep 2017.
The first HW is due Friday 22nd. The schedule link is available now. In order to see the updated office hours click here.

07 Sep 2017.  In this course we will be using is R for the computations. R is a free, open-source scientific computing platform for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you haven't done already download and install R from the R-Project homepage. In addition, I recommend installing R-Studio which is an integrated development environment and makes easier to use R.  It includes a nice editor with debugging & visualization tools. You can install it from RStudio. Here are some resources to get used to R :

06 Sep 2017. Welcome to Math 50. This will be our course webpage for announcements and other useful information.



Final (Take Home Part)      R-Notebook

Ex: Smoothing kernels

Ex: Polynomial

HW#7     HW#7 R-Notebook
Solutions        Solutions R

Ex: Simple BoxCox

HW#6     HW#6 R-Notebook
Solutions        Solutions R

HW#5     HW#5 R-Notebook
Solutions        Solutions R

Midterm Solutions

HW#4     HW#4 R-Notebook
Solutions        Solutions R


HW#3     HW#3 R-Notebook
Solutions        Solutions R

R Sample2        R Sample3

   HW#2 R-Notebook
Solutions        Solutions R


R basics tutorial