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The Financial Literacy Initiative at Dartmouth College

A project of the Center for Mathematics and Quantitative Education at Dartmouth and the Financial Literacy Center.

The Financial Literacy Initiative at Dartmouth College advocates a quantitative approach to financial literacy for college students, K-12 students, future teachers and adult learners. The initiative supports this approach through contextually rich curriculum modules for classroom use, short video presentations for faculty development or classroom discussion, and case studies. All materials are freely available through online publication. Links to these are found below.


A series of ten quantitative modules allows you and your students or workshop participants to explore the financial aspects of earning, spending, saving and investing. Each module includes an online slide presentation including videos and useful links. The presentation is supported by a set of online instructor notes suggesting activities, exercises, discussion questions and directions for further study or research. Also available online are spreadsheets and worksheets for students (and instructors) to use. Each module also has an associated case study which may be downloaded below.

Modules may be used flexibly in conjunction with a variety of courses. They may be used independently to support an entire course, with student activities supporting about four classroom hours of work plus independent assignments. Alternatively they may be included as part of a course emphasizing developmental mathematics, quantitative literacy, college algebra, or financial literacy.

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Case Studies:

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Basic Mathematics through Financial Literacy:

This text is intended to be the basis for an alternative basic mathematics course based on real financial decisions everyone will have to make. A large proportion of entering college students are required to take and pass such a course as prerequisite to college level subjects. Largely a review of elementary and high school mathematics, this course is known to have limited success as a conduit to college. Financial literacy provides an entry point to the same material that benefits from its relevance to daily life.

The text may be obtained here.

Video presentations for faculty development and classroom discussion:

Seven videos support faculty development and discussion. Four short videos support presentations and discussions about how financial literacy topics fit naturally into a quantitative reasoning course. Three more short case studies provide an opportunity to look at specific financial scenarios.

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