International Conference on
Spectral Geometry

July 19-23, 2010
Dartmouth College

Maass fade

Eigenvalue problems involving the Laplace operator on manifolds (and related objects such as orbifolds and graphs) have proven a constantly fertile area of mathematical discovery, and possess deep connections to number theory, physics, and applied mathematics. There has been a burst of exciting recent results on such areas as the measures to which eigenfunctions condense in the limit of large eigenvalue, the persistence of eigenfunctions trapped in cylindrical regions of a manifold, and the extent to which the spectrum of a manifold or domain determines its shape or boundary conditions.

The conference focuses primarily on the following two topics: quantum unique ergodicity (featuring a pair of plenary lectures by Peter Sarnak), and inverse spectral geometry on compact manifolds and orbifolds (featuring a pair of plenary lectures by Victor Guillemin). An additional focus will be quantum graphs (where the one-dimensional Laplacian acts along edges, and waves scatter at vertices). Here are some of our participants, the talk abstracts, our bag logo (!), and on the Schedule page you can download slides from many of the lectures and posters.

The conference is preceded by minicourses on Friday July 16 and Saturday July 17, aimed to prepare non-experts, especially graduate students and recent Ph.D.s, for the primary conference content. The main workshop will also have an informal open afternoon discussion session. As you plan your trip, also keep in mind the activities: a group hike up Moosilauke on Sunday July 18, and hiking/kayaking the Wednesday afternoon. Also see accessibility.

Travel directions for getting to Dartmouth campus are here and here. Boston's Logan Airport has most connections, and is a 2-hour drive, or a nearly 3-hour convenient bus ride door-to-door via the Dartmouth Coach. (The smaller Manchester, NH, and Burlington, VT, airports are closer but lack convenient public transport). Once on campus use the NW map to locate Kemeny Hall. Dartmouth Coach also runs a nice 5-hour bus from New York City.

The organizers thank all who contributed to this wonderful event!