2014 CBMS-NSF Conference:
Fast Direct Solvers for Elliptic PDEs
June 23–29, 2014
Dartmouth College
quasi-periodic scattering one level of hierarchical factorization torus scattering with 3D proxy points

Accommodation and housing


For those accepted as supported participants, on-campus dorm-style accommodation is be available at Fahey Residence Hall (follow Fahey links to see floor plans). This is covered by the NSF grant. Most likely each participant will be able to have a room to themselves, although we are at capacity. Bathrooms and showers are in the corridor and are shared with other guests. However, each bathroom or shower has it's own entrance from the corridor, thus affording privacy.

Check-in (key collection) times for the residence halls will be approximately noon until 8pm Sunday June 22, or any business hours during the week. Please come to the math department (Kemeny) for that. If you need to arrange a key collection later than 8pm Sunday, please email Min Hyung to let us know.

Your dorm stay will include three meals a day for the 5 conference days (apart from the Wednesday banquet, and Friday dinner), and accommodation for the weekend if you need it. Wireless internet service will be available at the residence hall, and throughout campus. Dorms are a 2 minute walk from Kemeny Hall, where the conference is held.

For non-supported participants: Hotels, Airbnb, and local transport

If you want to attend but were not selected as a supported participant, you may still attend but you will have to get your own hotel and food (apart from the banquet, which you may join at a cost of approx 50 USD). Here is a list of most local hotels. Of those the Hanover Inn and Six South St Hotel are very close (but the latter looks busy that week).

For further hotels, if you don't have a car, there is a free local shuttle Advance Transit that runs during business hours (but not the evening). The Norwich Inn is 1.5 miles (25-minute walk) from campus. Slightly more distant (but cheaper) is the Sunset, 2 miles away (ie still walkable if you like walking), and I think only booking by phone.

The Marriott Residence Inn is 3 miles from campus. This hotel offers a free shuttle (please check up on this), although it can transport only five people at a time. Alternatively, the Blue Route of Advance Transit (a free bus) goes close to the hotel (the DHMC bus stop) and drops you in Hanover (Bookstore bus stop) 15 mins later, which is then 5 mins walk to Kemeny Hall. Morning departure times at DHMC include 7:27am, 8:00am, 8:30am, 9:00am, 9:15am and 9:30am; however, the latest return bus leaves Hanover at 6:19pm. There also are a small number of taxi-cabs in the area - they take often 20 minutes to come, and will charge around $10 for a few-mile trip, not good or reliable.

Airbnb is also a good place to look for a place to stay.

Here's some other hotels and bed-and-breakfast places (needing a car): Lyme Inn, Trumbull House, Dowd's, Butternut, Breakfast on the CT, 231 Dogford.

You are responsible for making your own reservations if you wish to stay in a hotel.

Bike rental

A bike would enable you to stay at a hotel 2-3 miles distant without renting a car. Biking on roads shared by cars requires experience, obviously. DOC has a few bikes to rent: please contact Dartmouth Outdoor Rentals, 603-646-1747, website, for hours of operation. You can walk to DOC from the bus-stop and then bike to hotels 2-3 miles away (depending on your fitness level). (Our old shop Omer and Bob's has moved to Lebabon, which is 5 miles away hence not walkable.) The 3-mile ride up to Centerra Business Park (Residence Inn or other hotels) involves a hill (300 ft total climb) and is a main road, i.e requires you to be an experienced cyclist. The 1.6-mile ride to the Norwich Inn is more pleasant, although it does involve a hill (130 ft climb) each way.