2014 CBMS-NSF Conference:
Fast Direct Solvers for Elliptic PDEs
June 23–29, 2014
Dartmouth College
quasi-periodic scattering one level of hierarchical factorization torus scattering with 3D proxy points

Weekend Workshop on Fast Analysis-Based Solvers for Elliptic PDE

This workshop was independent of the main CBMS-NSF conference, and funded independently via support from the Mathematics Department, DoD ASD(R&E) / AFOSR, and the Dean of Faculty. There was a large overlap in attendence of the CBMS 5-day conference and the weekend workshop.

We hosted 11 30-minute talks, and a two-hour poster session with 10 posters. The titles and abstracts of all talks and posters are given in the later pages of the schedule.

Here are the weekend talks in presentation order, with links to the PDF of slides for those for which the speaker provided them: