My main research focus is creating innovative signal and image reconstruction algorithms. Currently, I am working on a project with Anne Gelb to modify the total variation operator in order to perform type-II Bayesian estimation. We hope to submit a paper before the end of the year.

With Anne Gelb, I submitted a paper on improving Fourier edge detection using type-II Bayesian estimation to Journal of Scientific Computing on November 28, 2018: link.

With Theresa Scarnati at the Air Force Research Laboratory, this summer I worked on 3D interferometric synthetic aperture radar image reconstruction from multiple elevation angles, which has resulted in a working conference paper.

With Anne Gelb and Richard Archibald, I submitted a paper on improving image reconstruction from non-uniform Fourier data by using edge detection to adaptively employ regularization to Inverse Problems and Imaging on May 3, 2018: link.

As a part of the edge-adaptive project, I researched the well-known iteratively reweighted l1 regularization method for the same problem: pdf.

At Courant, I completed a Masters' thesis under Michael O'Neil, Fast multipole methods for axisymmetric geometries: pdf.