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Salim Tayou

I am an Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College.

My research is in number theory and algebraic geometry. I like to think about the Hodge locus in complex geometry and the Tate locus in arithmetic geometry, with applications to geometric problems on Shimura varieties, K3 surfaces, and abelian varieties. I have been interested recently in (mock-) modularity properties of special cycles in Shimura varieties as well as the study of the non-abelian Hodge locus in non-abelian Hodge theory.

My research is supported by NSF grant DMS-2302388.

My CV is available here.

Office 341
Department of Mathematics
29 N. Main Street
Hanover, New Hampshire
03755 USA
E-mail: Salim.Tayou@dartmouth.edu


Harvard number theorists seminar:

I occasionally organize and write programs for the Harvard number theorists seminar. See below for more details.

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