In Math 25 you have a number of responsibilities, the first of which is being fully aware of the content of the general information page.

In particular, that page contains:

Written homework assignments

The weekly written homework assignments will be posted here.

  • Written homework should be turned in each Wednesday at the start of class (11:30am) at the front of the classroom.
  • Make sure that you show all your work and explain all the steps. A correct answer with no work shown will receive minimal credit. This is good practice for what will be expected on exams.
  • Make sure your homework is neatly written; if the graders cannot read it, you will receive zero credit.
  • Use standard-sized paper that does not have ragged edges, staple assignments with multiple pages, and label each problem.

Assignment Due Date Solutions
HW 0 Wednesday, September 18
HW 1 Wednesday, September 25 HW 1 Solutions
HW 2 Wednesday, October 2 HW 2 Solutions
HW 3 Wednesday, October 9 HW 3 Solutions
HW 4 Wednesday, October 23 HW 4 Solutions
HW 5 Monday, November 4 HW 5 Solutions
HW 6 Friday, November 8 HW 6 Solutions
HW 7 Wednesday, November 13 HW 7 Solutions
HW 8 Monday, November 18 HW 8 Solutions