Math 5, Pattern
Fall 2001
Class hours T-Th 10-11:50

Instructor: Dorothy Wallace
Office: 202 Choate House
Office Hours: 9-12 Wednesday or by appointment


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A note to my students:

Welcome to Pattern. In this course we will attempt to synthesize the approach an artist takes toward repeat pattern and the approach a mathematician takes to the same topic. Consequently, assignments will be a combination of math and art. There will be no exams, as whoever heard of an art exam? Grades will be based on the homework.

I am not an artist nor do I have formal credentials in art. Previous versions of this class were cotaught with artist Pippa Drew, however, so I feel confident that I can give you some of her insight. In addition I will be inviting guest speakers from both art and art history to join us throughout the quarter. I intend to approach the art the way a biologist might approach math: We'll learn some techniques and use them to solve problems. Maybe this is the only class at Dartmouth you could call "applied art".

For those of you with serious art aspirations, this course will provide a useful introduction to Photoshop, the medium in which most paid artists work. For those of you with serious math or science aspirations, we will be enjoying a calm and relaxing introduction to group theory, one of the most ubiquitously useful topics in higher math and the physical sciences.

Again, welcome!


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