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Exploring Mathematics

Math Workshop 2024

There will be no Exploring Mathematics workshops for summer 2024. Please check this page for updates in future years.

Math Workshop 2023

Exploring Mathematics is a five-day in-person workshop for junior and high school students 13 years or older that meets from 1:00 to 4:00 daily. We are offering two sessions this summer:

The workshop is sponsored by the Mathematics Department at Dartmouth and is supervised by Professor Marcia Groszek. Algebra 1 is a prerequisite for this program.

The workshops are recorded to allow the instructors to review the day’s activities to prepare for the next session and to improve their own teaching.  We may also wish to use photos or videos in teacher preparation workshops in the future.  No videos or recordings will be made public and will only be utilized inhouse by the Mathematics Department at Dartmouth College. By registering for a session you are consenting to the sessions being recorded. Please see the Consent to Record found below.

Please use the comments section of the registration form to tell us anything we should know about your child (such as food allergies).

There is no fee associated with these sessions but space is limited and we ask if you register that you attend and participate. If you can’t attend please let us know ASAP so we can allow another student on the waitlist to participate.

Policies & Statements

Consent to Record

By enrolling in the summer program “Exploring Mathematics,” I hereby consent to the recording of course activities and breakout sessions.

a) I affirm my understanding that this course and any associated group meetings involving students and the instructor, including but not limited to scheduled and ad hoc office hours and other consultations, may be recorded within any digital platform used to offer remote instruction for this course;

b) I affirm that the instructor owns the copyright to their instructional materials, of which these recordings constitute a part, and distribution of any of these recordings in whole or in part without prior written consent of the instructor may be subject to discipline by Dartmouth up to and including expulsion;

c) I further affirm there will not be any one-on-one recordings between instructors and participants.

d) I authorize Dartmouth and anyone acting on behalf of Dartmouth to record my participation and appearance in any medium, and to use my name, likeness, and voice in connection with such recording; and

e) I authorize Dartmouth and anyone acting on behalf of Dartmouth to use these recording only within the Mathematics Department and only for educational purpose deemed appropriate by Dartmouth and anyone acting on behalf of Dartmouth.