Mathematics is an amazing and beautiful intellectual creation, one of the human race's deepest endeavors. The world around us, and the future world we are creating, is woven through with mathematics—from the symmetry groups of Navajo weavings, to the airflow around a flapping bird’s wing, to the security of global computer networks. Topology, geometry, prime numbers, probability. Mathematics is full of unsolved problems and mind-bending concepts and the Mathematics Department at Dartmouth is a place to learn about and investigate these ideas.

We are located in Kemeny Hall. Please come visit.

The Major in Mathematics

The Major in Mathematical Data Science

<a href='https://sinews.siam.org'>SIAM News Online</a> features graduate student Xingru Chen's research on <a href='https://sinews.siam.org/Details-Page/understanding-vaccination-dilemma-through-the-lens-of-evolutionary-game-theory'>vaccine compliance</a> joint with Professor Feng Fu.
SIAM News Online features graduate student Xingru Chen's research on vaccine compliance joint with Professor Feng Fu.
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Simons Collaboration on Arithmetic Geometry,
Number Theory, and Computation announced

Dartmouth Mathematics REU

Upcoming Events: Feb 25 – Mar 3, 2018

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Thursday, March 1
3:30 PM
Friday, March 2
3:30 PM
Math Colloquium

The Byrne Scholars Program

In honor of her late husband, insurance executive and philanthropist John J. (Jack) Byrne Jr., Dorothy Byrne of Etna, N.H., has committed $20 million to help Dartmouth attract and support the finest math students and professors.

All Dartmouth applicants will be considered for this special scholarship.

Math Faculty Positions:

Neukom Fellows opportunity

The Neukom Fellows program is an interdisciplinary postdoctoral program at Dartmouth that may provide another means of working with or being mentored by faculty in our department.