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What's happening in Math

Registration now open for Sonia Kovalevsky Day, Saturday May 11

Graduate Students

Celebrating the end of winter

Graduate students Emma Hartman and Melanie Dennis enjoy pizza, conversation, and a break from thesis-writing at the department's end-of-term party, held in Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

Undergraduate news

Shikhin Sethi ’19 receives 2019 Byrne prize

The John J. Byrne Jr. Prize is awarded to the top Dartmouth graduating mathematics major interested in continuing mathematics at the graduate level. The award will cover Shikhin’s tuition for the first year of graduate school at Princeton University. Congratulations to Shikhin!

Undergraduate teaching

Combinatorics Through Guided Discovery

The work of Ken Bogart (1943–2005) on an inquiry-based learning approach for undergraduate combinatorics, Combinatorics Through Guided Discovery, is now available in an interactive web version, a new print edition, and pdf.
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More news

Recent Publications

The first function and its iterates

Carl Pomerance

Connections in Discrete Mathematics: A Celebration of the Work of Ron Graham

Reduction of Mosquito Abundance Via Indoor Wall Treatments: A Mathematical Model

Vardayani Ratti, Evan Rheingold, Dorothy Wallace

Journal of Medical Entomology

Opinion formation on dynamic networks: identifying conditions for the emergence of partisan echo chambers

Tucker Evans, Feng Fu

arXiv preprint arXiv: 1806.00784

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