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WeBWorK Resources
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WeBWorK at Dartmouth:



Two Ways to Use WeBWorK

WeBWorK course can be used in two different ways. This defines how students access it, how homework is graded and whether classlists need to be imported. While it’s a simple course configuration setting done by the WeBWorK administrator, the course cannot switch types after the first homework assignment has been made.

One way is standalone, which is traditional. Both students and professors login directly to WeBWorK. Authentication is by NetID, using standard Dartmouth login. WeBWorK course needs a classlist imported, with Login Name column using lowercase NetIDs. It is recommended that classlists are downloaded from Banner, converted using our own Classlist Converter and then imported into WeBWorK.

Another way is to “integrate” WeBWorK course with the corresponding one on Canvas⇗. In this case Canvas assignments are linked to homework problem sets in WeBWorK. Students login to Canvas and, by using assignments, are automatically taken to appropriate homework on WeBWorK. Students never login to WeBWorK directly, and there is no need to import classlists in WeBWorK — students' records are added automatically. WeBWorK grades are passed back to Canvas automatically. Professors can still login directly to WeBWorK. Here is how to use WeBWorK problem sets as Canvas assignments.

WeBWorK Quickstart

The WeBWorK Quickstart guide is intended to give some handy tips to instructors using WeBWorK at Dartmouth. The guide was written by Rebecca Weber.

WeBWorK Newbie Guide

The WeBWorK Newbie Guide is a now somewhat outdated (but occasionally useful) introduction to the design of WeBWorK problems.

Class List Converter

Convert class lists⇗ from Banner for import into WeBWorK.
Access from campus network or VPN only.

The MAA Site for WeBWorK

The MAA⇗ is now the official repository of all WeBWorK materials. Instructor tutorials⇗ and other documentation is available on their wiki page⇗.