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Biographies of Contemporary Women in Mathematics
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2018 Essay Contest Winners

(To view the winning essays, click on the author's name.)

MIDDLE SCHOOL, tie for the first place:

Saia Patel: Balance: A Critical Variable in the Equation of Life
Sora Shirai: Bonsai Tree


First prize:
Sophie Usherwood To the Beat of Her Own Drum

Second prize:
Jacob Slaughter Running the Numbers

Honorable mentions:
Iroha Shirai What Next?
Reilly Uiterwyk Where New Stars Form: Dr. Priscilla Benson’s Story


First prize:
Christopher Cheng Using Doubt As Fuel: The Story of Dr. Min Su

Jacob Slaughter won National Grand Prize
Sora ShiraiNational Honorable Mention
in the national AWM Essay Contest!